Who is Ali ?!

Ali is a programmer , Santour player , composer , startup activist & ... . In one word, He does and combines everything. Ali is researching on a interdisciplinary field which he calls it "AI as a composer". He believes that computer can re-evolution whole of MUSIC again, but this time, with no restriction ( Ali thinks music is restricted by Climate, The place to play music, Human Mind, Human Body ) .

Ali graduated Music ( Playing Iranian Music Instrument ) from the University of Tehran, however, he studied math-physics in high school. When he was 4 , he stared to learn music and in same time he had a computer which was on DOS . Computer and Music were an indivisible part of Ali's life .

Articles or Delusions ?

Actually, there is no difference between them. I am writing about everything I know, I learn, I like, I research, I achieve and some wise advices. :)

I like to share my idea and listen to other's comment, oppositions & take their help. Please, Please, Please, Read and make contact with me.

Ali :)